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How The Pandemic Revealed Inequity In Healthcare

It’s easy to see that the pandemic has been problematic for everyone. However, some say that the pandemic has revealed inequity in healthcare. Minorities and low-income families have suffered the most during this trying time. Continue reading to learn about how the pandemic has shone a light on inequity in healthcare. 

Access to Healthcare

There is significant inequity when it comes to access to healthcare. Those who need to get tested for COVID or those who need help may or may not have easy access based on where they live. For some, it’s hard to get to a doctor due to not living close enough. Minorities and low-income families often have the toughest time due to their neighborhoods’ lack of public transit. 

You’ll also find fewer doctors and medical facilities in vulnerable communities. The disparity between low-income communities and the rest of America is plain to see. These people have been more vulnerable during the pandemic, and they’re also having more problems in other areas of healthcare. 

The Affordability of Healthcare

Healthcare isn’t affordable for many people. Poor individuals and minorities seem to suffer the most when finding affordable healthcare options. Some do receive healthcare plans, but those plans won’t always cover all of the patients’ medical expenses. Prescription drugs will often be too expensive for patients to pick up, even when a doctor says they need to have them. 

The cost of healthcare in America has caused many to go into medical debt. A medical emergency can cause families to be left with thousands of dollars of medical bills. For low-income individuals, it’ll be nearly impossible to pay these bills. Some parts of the country can afford regular healthcare, while others have to suffer in silence. 

Minorities Receiving Poor Treatment

Finally, many patients have reported receiving poor treatment in medical facilities based on race. Some minorities have said they felt they were not given the best care. Many have even noted that they felt that Caucasian patients received more attention than during hospital stays. Everyone should be treated equally in healthcare facilities, but that isn’t how it always works out in certain parts of America.