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Exploring Healthcare As A Public Service

Healthcare is important, but many people worldwide don’t have affordable access to care. In the United States, the healthcare industry is profit-driven. How might that change things if healthcare was re-imagined as a public service instead? Read on to dig into this topic further. 

Everyone Would Have Access to Healthcare

Everyone having access to healthcare would change things in the United States. As it stands, many Americans can’t afford to get medical help when they get sick. Even those with healthcare coverage might not be able to pay for co-pays or premiums. Prescription drugs cost a lot of money, too. 

Changing this and ensuring that everyone can see a doctor when they need to would make things a lot better. People wouldn’t put off making appointments with their doctors. Access to healthcare wouldn’t be determined by the amount of money in someone’s bank account. 

No More Medical Debt

Medical debt is a big problem in the United States. Some people get sick and go deep into debt due to outrageous medical bills. If healthcare were a public service, this wouldn’t happen to people. Many people feel that medical debt is wrong and that healthcare should be a fundamental right. 

Better Overall Public Health 

Of course, going to the doctor without the fear of debt will allow people to stay healthier overall. Public health would increase substantially. Many people walk around with unaddressed health issues today. If healthcare were a public service, people wouldn’t have to suffer in silence. 

It could lead to people staying healthier and living longer lives. Some might be able to stay in the workforce longer as well. There are many benefits to better overall public health. 

Better Health Education 

Better health education is another benefit of people going to see their doctors more often. Many people skip appointments and only go to see the doctor when it’s an emergency. They can’t afford to spend too much money on healthcare, and they miss out on learning about many health topics. People who get to see their doctors more often will get more advice about what they should and should not be doing to stay healthy.