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Ikenga Ogbo


About Ikenga Ogbo

Ikenga Ogbo knew from a young age that he had a passion for both science and health. After graduating from the University of Illinois first with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and again with a Master’s degree in Public Health, Mr. Ogbo was ready to combine his passions in order to have an impactful career. Ikenga’s professional career in public health and safety began in 2008 and he has continued to faithfully serve Evanston, Illinois ever since. 

Mr. Ogbo’s first post-graduation position was as a Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner. From compliance inspections to ensure codes were up to safety standards to developing rules and policies that helped shape the public health and safety of the city, Ikenga Ogbo quickly made a positive impression as a compassionate and dedicated professional. In addition to his administrative and compliance duties, Ikenga also planned city-wide events to ensure his community was served well. 

Mr. Ogbo’s dedication earned him a promotion to Public Health Manager where he took on additional duties including recruiting new employees, coaching staff, addressing public health complaints, and making new and improved policies for health programs. Ikenga’s work was of such a high caliber that it didn’t take long for him to be promoted again, this time to Director of the Health and Human Services Department. 

More about Ikenga

Ikenga Ogbo manages dozens of employees and uses evidence-based practices/services to promote health and public safety services throughout the Evanston community. Not only does he ensure the department is compliant with all regulations, but he thrives on advocating on behalf of vulnerable communities. The ultimate test of his approach and leadership came during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

After successfully leading his community through the worst of the pandemic, Ikenga Ogbo now has his sights set on ensuring that same community bounces back in every aspect. His first major effort in achieving this goal is the implementation of a youth summer activities program designed to improve the health and mental health of kids and young adults after the devastating effects of the pandemic and isolation. 

Outside of work, Ikenga is just as passionate and involved in his community. You can often find him cheering on his favorite teams, especially the Chelsea Football Club or out on the pitch playing soccer. Mr. Ogbo loves unwinding after a long day by playing soccer in the local amateur league. Other hobbies of his include photography, exploring museums, sewing, and traveling the world. 

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